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Designing algorithms for near-term quantum computers

Omar Shehab – IonQ
November 15, 2019 | 11am - 12:00pm | Marcus Nanotechnology Building 1117-1118

Crystal Crown - 
By Tim Chung, Diao Research Group

Abstract: Noisy-intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) computers are currently being built at a number of  places including academia and industry. A NISQ computer, capable of executing first proof-concept and then increasingly expensive quantum algorithms, will pave the way to build fault-tolerant errorcorrected (FTCC) quantum computers. While algorithms designed to practically run on FTCC quantum computers come with rigorously proven advantage over their classical counterparts, the advantage is still not fully clear for the NISQ computers. Nevertheless, strong promises are being made in recent research on NISQ algorithms.

This talk will review the complexity theory aspect of the quantum supremacy experiments. It will also introduce the hybrid quantum computational chemistry algorithms and explore a number of ways to improve it. Similar review will be conducted for the quantum operations research algorithms and quantum machine learning algorithms. The challenges for developing algorithm for the future NISQ quantum computer will also be discussed. Finally, I will also try to comment on how the academia should prepare for the upcoming quantum revolution.

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IEN is home to one of the sixteen sites of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI). The NNCI was initiated by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2015 to provide researchers from academia, industry, and government access to university user facilities with leading-edge fabrication and characterization tools, instrumentation, and expertise within all disciplines of nanoscale science, engineering and technology.

IEN, in partnership with the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) in Greensboro, NC, created the Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC)providing research and educational resources to students, researchers, and educators in the southeast US and beyond. In addition, IEN serves as the Coordinating Office for the NNCI network.


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