Building & Resident Support

 The IEN Operations Support Team  can assist with issues in the Pettit and Marcus buildings such as:

  • Custodial and Maintenance Coordination
  • Mail, Shipping, Receiving
  • Furniture and Relocations
  • Building access both keys and Buzzcards
  • Space tracking for offices and carrels
  • Telephone (cellular and land line) coordination
  • Audio Visual Support

For questions regarding IEN building and resident support, please contact Micheal Carson - Admin Professional Sr. - Office: 404.385.0276,  Email: or Brian Doles -  Facility Manager - Office: 470.381.8836, Email:

Business Development & Process Support

IEN is here to support faculty and industry affiliates with the following processes:

  • Legal (NDA, Licensing, etc
  • Export Control Reviews
  • Contracts/Membership
  • Invention Disclosures and Patents
  • Donations and Gifting

For more details, contact Brian McGlade - Program & Operations Manager: Office: 404.385.1143,

Cleanrooom Support

The Cleanrooms at the IEN have a request tracking system in place to better support your day to day needs. Send your requests to for any of the following:

  • Cleanroom Access Issues (orientation, cleanroom entrance/exit doors, and laboratory doors)
  • Cleanroom Equipment Requests (cost sharing, consignment, new purchases & equipment request)
  • Cleanroom Training (laboratory & cleanroom equipment training, advanced equipment training, and training concerns)
  • Laboratory Safety Issues (chemicals, gas leaks, general safety concerns, suspicious activity)
  • PI Cleanroom Support (equipment installation & services support requests)
    • PI Laboratory Support Requests
  • Project Support (renovations, construction)

Our aim is to better serve your needs. Please use this system for your requests and let me know what improvements we can make.

Gary Spinner --Senior Assistant Director of Research Operations - Office: 404.894.4010, Email: or Hang Chen - Process & Instructional Support Manager - Office: 404.894.3360, Email:

Computing Support

To assure we are providing the highest level of technical support, we have developed a standardized procedure for requesting IEN IT support as well as new hardware requests.

  1. Go to and log in using the log-in button in the top right corner.
  2. Close any pop-ups requesting information
  3. On the left of the screen will be the navigation bar with an icon of a computer with a wrench and screwdriver. This is the IEN Support icon.
  4. If you are an IEN staff member or research scientist and do not see this IT support icon, please send an email to to have this function enabled.
  5.  After your account is created, you will be able to click the icon and enter your request for IT support or new hardware.

For more details, contact Jason Herrington - Systems Support Engineer Manager- Office: 404.894.1293, Email: or Glen Wilder - Academic & Research IT Support Engineer - Office: 404.834.6596, Email:

Conference Room & Event Support

IEN has conference rooms available for use by IEN affiliates, as well as for the general Georgia Tech Community. IEN conference facilities that are available for reservations at no cost, for official Georgia Tech events during standard business hours include Pettit Microelectronics Rooms 102 A&B, as well as Marcus Nanotechology Rooms 1116, 1117, & 1118. They can also be contracted for Georgia Tech events held after hours or on weekends using the IEN After Hours/Weekend Conference Room Reservation Agreement Form. Full details on how to reserve these public use rooms may be found at this web link.

The IEN has small meeting and conference room space available for our Marcus and Pettit resident faculty, staff and students. Access to this space is tied to your Georgia Tech email account.

The IEN also supports faculty and staff with events. This support may include:

  • Room Coordination and Set Ups
  • Webinars and Teleconferencing
  • Event Logistics - Online Registration Set-Up and Tracking, Meals, Printed Materials (name tags, agendas, etc.), Day-of-Event Guest Greeting

For questions regarding conference room support, please contact Micheal Carson - Admin Professional Sr. - Office: 404.385.0276,  Email: or, Christa Ernst - IEN Marketing Manager - Office: 404.894.1665, Email:

Finance and Administration Support

The IEN Finance and Administration Team assists our affiliated faculty and staff in the following areas:

  • Budgeting and Account Management
  • Audit Support and Administration
  • Sponsored Research Administration
  • P-Card Coordination and Audit
  • Asset tracking, Disposal and Annual Audits

For more details, contact Tirrell Johnson - Financial Admin III - Office: 404.894.3668, Email: or Roy Woods Jr. - Financial Admin III - Office: 404.385.5603, Email:

Human Resources Support

The IEN H.R. Team assists our affiliated faculty and staff in the following areas:

  • Employment Postings/Hiring and Background Checks
  • Visa and Export Control
  • Employee Relations/Benefits
  • Payroll/Timesheets

For more details, contact Brian McGlade - Program & Operations Manager: Office: 404.385.1143,

Research Communication Support

The IEN Marketing & Communications Team is here to support the promotion of IEN research and events, as well as assist in aligning marketing materials with Institute standards. We are here to help with the following:

  • Promotional and Publicity Materials and Support
  • Research Related Press Items and Events Promotion (Internal & External)
  • IEN Conference & Trade Show Coordination
  • Web Support - IEN and Affiliated Centers/Programs
  • GT Branding: Guidelines and Support

Contact Christa Ernst - IEN Communications & Marketing Manager - Office: 404.894.1665, Email: