SENIC Middle/High School Student Art Competition: SENIC Superheroes 

Deadline for Entries: May 15, 2020

The Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC) is proud to sponsor an art competition that challenges area middle and high school students to create drawings/cartoons that depict our local heroes as Nanotechnology Superheroes.

In our current situation, there are many people serving our communities in extraordinary ways. Healthcare professionals, caretakers, grocery store workers, delivery people, and many others are helping to protect and support us.

Scientists and doctors are already using nanotechnology to fight against disease. Research nanotechnology and tell us a story about real or fictitious heroes using nanotechnology to protect themselves or others, or to combat diseases such as COVID-19.

How can you learn about nanotechnology? Just visit some of the links below to further your knowledge.

What It Is and How It Works
Nanooze-Nanobiology and Nanomedicine
A nanotechnology approach to cancer treatment
Firing Up Your Immune System with Plant Viruses
These face masks are designed to be washed and reused
Here’s how nanoparticles could help us get closer to a treatment for COVID-19


  • Student must be in middle or high school or being homeschooled at that level.
  • The student’s grade level needs to included somewhere in the submission.
  • Pencil, colored pencil, marker, pen, and crayon drawings accepted.
  • One entry/picture per student.
  • Must contain your interpretation of a superhero using nanotechnology – nanotechnology can be explained using the title or in a short caption.
  • Have a parent or teacher upload your submission to Instagram or Twitter using #SENICSuperhero

Deadline for entries: May 15, 2020
Winners will be announced on May 29, 2020.

Link to PDF Flyer

Winners will be chosen by nanotechnology experts in SENIC.
There will be a middle school and high school winner.
The parent or teacher will be contacted through the social media account used.
Prizes will be awarded and the winners will have their entry highlighted by SENIC.