From the Lab Bench to Reality

Tech Alumni Jaime Zahorian and Sarp Satir apply their ultrasound research to Butterfly Network

Story by Zoe Elledge, College of Engineering

For many communities, from underserved neighborhoods in the U.S. to developing countries, access to comprehensive healthcare is problematic. Care in these settings is challenged by a lack of necessary equipment, such as ultrasound and medical imaging technologies. More than 4 billion people across the world lack access to medical imaging, and in light of this statistic, Butterfly Network set out to provide communities across the world with access to medical imaging using the company’s disruptive ultrasound devices.

Georgia Tech engineering alumni Jaime Zahorian and Sarp Satir – both with Ph.D.’s in electrical and computer engineering –are helping Butterfly Network to advance their goal of making healthcare more accessible for all. Together, Zahorian and Satir have found a way to apply their research from Tech to an industry setting, creating and producing a handheld ultrasound probe that can interface with mobile devices and provide whole-body imaging.

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