As we march towards the fundamental limits of silicon microelectronics and the end of Moore’s law, utilizing intrinsically quantum systems promises a paradigm shift for computing. However, enabling the processing of quantum information for concrete applications requires breakthrough advances in the underlying materials, devices and engineered systems as well as computing architectures, models and algorithms. Accelerating these advances has become a central priority area for academic, government and industrial actors alike.

At Georgia Tech more than 80 faculty and GTRI researchers are active at the forefront of research in quantum sciences and technologies. In order to further develop the quantum eco-system at Georgia Tech, the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology has awarded a multidisciplinary team a seed fund for the establishment of the Georgia Tech Quantum Alliance (GTQA) under the leadership of Professor Martin Mourigal (Georgia Tech - Physics) and Professor Arijit Raychowdhury (Georgia Tech - Electrical and Computer Engineering).

The program seeks to pave the way towards solving computationally hard and challenging problems in optimization, cryptography, and artificial intelligence; but also allow scientists and engineers to better understand matter, material systems and the electronic state of quantum many-body systems. The team’s multi- and cross-disciplinary efforts will span from the individual electronic, atomic and photonic quantum devices to machines and algorithms for quantum computing and sensing applications. Interactions between campus researchers and GTRI will be at the heart of the activities.  The Georgia Tech Quantum Alliance will also serve as a portal to respond to federal funding opportunities, partner with industry and other institutions, and participate in the training of Georgia Tech students for the quantum workforce.