George W. Woodruff Professorship and Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Office: Love 303
Phone: 404.385.1356 | Fax: 404.894.8496
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Dr. Fedorov's background is in thermal/fluid sciences, chemical reaction engineering as well as in applied mathematics. His laboratory works at the intersection between mechanical and chemical engineering and solid state physics and analytical chemistry with the focus on portable/ distributed power generation with synergetic CO2 capture; thermal management of high power dissipation devices and electronics cooling; special surfaces and nanostructured interfaces for catalysis, heat and moisture management; and development of novel bioanalytical instrumentation and chemical sensors. Dr. Fedorov joined Georgia Tech in 2000 as an Assistant Professor after finishing his postdoctoral work at Purdue University.

Research Areas of Interest
  • Heat Transfer, combustion, and energy systems
  • Bioengineering, lab-on-a-chip bioprocessing
  • Nanomanufacturing using focused electron/ion beams
  • Portable and distributed power generation
  • CO2 capture and utilization
  • Catalysis and fuel cells
  • Chemical and electrochemical sensors
  • Soft ionization and imaging for bioanalytical mass spectrometry
  • Thermal radiation heat transfer
  • Thermal management of electronics

Expertise Keywords

  • Biomedical Electronics
  • Energy Production & Storage