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Optics & Photonics

Optics and photonics research plays a critical role in enabling the development and refinement of current and future manufacturing, medical, sensing, telecommunications, and defense technologies. Thereby, the field of optics and photonics touches, enables, and accelerates the work of many fields - electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, and material science.

At Georgia Tech, the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) supports faculty-led, multi-disciplinary research activities in the Colleges of Engineering and Sciences as well as the Georgia Tech Research Institute. The optics and photonics research activities can be divided into the following areas:

Biophotonics: The science of generating and harnessing light to image, detect, and manipulate biological systems. It is used in medicine to study tissue and blood to detect, diagnose, and treat diseases.

  • Light-assisted drug delivery
  • Photodynamic cancer therapy
  • Biological imaging
  • Optical diagnostics

Diffractive and Holographic Optics: Exploiting diffraction to control optical wave fronts and thereby enable switching and information processing.

  • Binary diffractive optics

  • Holographic storage and image processing

Non-Linear Optics: Understand and quantify the optical phenomena associated with the effects light has on the propagation medium and to control and exploit these effects for signal processing, communications, and sensing.

  • Nonlinear propagation

  • Frequency conversion

Optical Communication Systems: Technologies and system configurations used in the design of optical communications networks ranging from low-cost gigabit short-haul links to ultrahigh-speed long-haul systems with aggregate throughputs in excess of 1Tb/s.

  • Modulation and detection techniques

  • Fiber optic communications

Optical Materials: Design, synthesis, and optimization of new materials that enable the efficient control of light.

  • Compound semiconductors

  • Organic molecules and polymers

  • Hybrid nanocomposites

Optical Systems and Technology: Technologies and systems used to generate and detect electromagnetic energy for the purpose of imaging and sensing.

  • Optical sensing

  • IR imaging

Optics and Photonics
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