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Micro & Nano Electronic Systems, Devices, Components, & Packaging

Electronics are pervasive in all aspects of modern life. Healthcare, Telecommunications, Transportation, Computing, Energy, and Life Safety are just some of the major fields benefiting from the explosive growth of micro and nanotechnology applications being addressed by faculty associated with Georgia Tech’s IEN.

Electronic systems are an integral part of modern life. Miniaturization, increased functionality, wireless connectivity, and improved performance and reliability at lower costs are the driving forces behind the investments being made in electronic systems research, regardless of the application. Whether the need be design, materials, active devices, passive components, antenna for wireless communication, optoelectronics, packaging and interconnect for analog, digital, mixed signal, or high speed connectivity, we at Georgia Tech’s IEN are prepared to address tomorrow’s needs.

Select Technical Areas of expertise include:

  • Micro and Nano Electronic Systems, Devices & Components
    • 3D electronics systems integration and packaging
    • Silicon micromachining for high-frequency applications
    • W-band transmit/receive modules
    • Multi-phase array and single phase miniaturized antenna
    • Thin film passive components
    • Electronic Band Gap Structures
    • Quantum Size Effect Devices
    • Quantum Computing
    • Monolithic microwave/mm-wave integrated circuits
    • Electronic Band Gap Structures
    • W-band transmit/receive modules
    • Optical Networking
    • Antenna
    • TSV Structures
    • Interposers
  • Electrical, Thermal, Mechanical Design, Modeling, Testing and Characterization
    • Digital, Analog, RF, and Mixed Signal Circuits/Systems
    • Thermal Management and Measurement
    • Mechanical Reliability
    • Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)
Micro & Nano Electronic Systems, Devices, Components, & Packaging
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