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Nano@Tech is an organization comprised of professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students from Georgia Tech and nearby academic institutions, as well as professionals from the corresponding scientific community that are interested in nanotechnology. Seminar meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month during the academic year at noon in the Marcus Nanotechnology Building conference rooms (rooms 1116-1118).

Nano@Tech members also support the Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC) Education and Outreach Office at Georgia Tech. Our K-16 programs are a success due to the growing commitment of this group of cross-disciplined Georgia Tech engineers and researchers. This networking group meets for seminars and generously volunteers their knowledge, research, labs, and cleanrooms to help us motivate young people about possible education and careers opportunities as well as excite them about nanoscale science and engineering.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list and receive information related to Nano@Tech events please send an email to Dr. David Gottfried or Ms. Christa Ernst.


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Nano@Tech Spring 2019 Speakers


Speaker Affiliation Topic
January 8, 2019 Todd Sulchek ME, Georgia Tech

A Microfluidic Platform for Isolation of Mechanotyped Cells

January 22, 2019 Natalie Stingelin MSE, Georgia Tech

Cool Photonic and Electronic Plastics for a Greener World

February 12, 2019 Shu Jia BME, Georgia Tech

Toward Systems Biophotonics: Imaging Biology across High Spatio-Temporal Dimensions and Scales

February 26, 2019 Mike Filler ChBE, Georgia Tech

Celebrating Silicon’s Success, its Hidden History, and its Next Act

March 12, 2019

Bernard Kippelen ECE, Georgia Tech

Organic Semiconductors in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

March 26, 2019

Jayakanth Ravichandran CE & MSE, Univ. Southern CA

Dimensional Control of Light-Matter Interaction in
Perovskite Chalcogenides

April 9, 2019 Shimeng Yu ECE, Georgia Tech

Neuro-Inspired Computing with Synaptic and Neuronal Devices

April 23, 2019

Ryan Diestelhorst OnScale




Nano@Tech Fall 2018 Speakers


Speaker Affiliation Topic
August 28, 2018 Jennifer Curtis Physics, Georgia Tech

Super Giant Hyaluronan Polymer Brushes: Tailoring Living and Synthetic Interfaces

September 11, 2018 Michael Varenberg ME, Georgia Tech

Bionics in Tribology: Adhesive and Frictional Dress of Elastomeric Surfaces

September 25, 2018 Surendra Chavan Vicapsys

Current and future cell therapies for treatment of type 1 diabetes

Thursday - October 11, 2018 Xianqiao Wang College of Engineering - UGA

Interfacial Mechanics of Cell-Nanoparticles System: A Computational Perspective

October 23, 2018

Nian Lu ChBE, Georgia Tech Nanoscale Design of Zinc Anodes for High Energy Rechargeable Aqueous Batteries

November 13, 2018

Omer Inan ECE, Georgia Tech

Non-Invasive Physiological Sensing and Modulation for Human Health and Performance

November 27, 2018 Ali Adibi ECE, Georgia Tech

Hybrid Material and Device Platforms for Reconfigurable Integrated Nanophotonics

December 11, 2018

Krish Roy BME, Georgia Tech

ImmunoEngineering and Cell Manufacturing: The Next Frontiers in Biomedical Nano/Microtechnologies




If you would like to see videos of some of our past Nano@Tech seminars, please click the above player.