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As part of IEN’s mission to develop and cultivate the next generation of technologists, our team hosts numerous professional development lectures and short courses. Course and lecture topics include cleanroom fabrication techniques, advanced lithography techniques, market sector applications of nanotechnology research, and seminars on nanotechnology as it relates to other fields of engineering. These events are open to both GA Tech and other institutions’ researchers and educators, as well as to those in industry and the interested public.


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September 25, 2018 @ 12PM | Marcus Nanotech 1117-1118

Nano@Tech: "Current and future cell therapies for treatment of type 1 diabetes" Surendra J. Chavan, Ph.D. - Chief Scientific Officer, Vicapsys Inc., Athens, GA

Abstract : Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune destruction of insulin producing β-cells present in the endocrine part of the pancreas. Lifelong administration of exogenous insulin is a current mode of treatment, due to frequency of injection and precise dosing it remains a suboptimal treatment. Furthermore, this treatment fails to balance endocrine system and in prevention of severe complications associated with this disease. As immunotherapy approaches have remained unsuccessful, the only cure for T1D is transplantation of donor-derived pancreas or islets. However, donor scarcity, graft loss, and immune response to the foreign tissue are issues challenging this approach and limiting the number of patients who can benefit from such treatments. A recent estimate is that about 12,000 organ donors in the U.S. could potentially supply islets but that the number of donor preparations is likely only about 3,000 per year. This supply is unlikely to expand significantly in the future as a result b-cells replacement therapies are being considered as a means to treat T1D. Scientist are evaluating different sources of insulin-producing cells, including re-engineered human cells such as differentiated pluripotent stem cells and islets from other species. This presentation will summarize the cutting-edge research that aims to tackle the current challenges in reaching a quality-controlled product with long-term effects, with a focus on regenerative medicine approaches using different sources of b-cells.

Bio: Dr. Chavan earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC) in Mumbai, India, and a Masters in Biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology.  He is Chief Scientific Officer at Vicapsys Inc, Athens, GA. He is an entrepreneur and Board Director level executive with proven international experience in drug development, commercial partnerships, strategy development, and operational management and financial management of life sciences/biotechnology companies.  Dr. Chavan is highly motivated, result oriented diligent team leader, with more than 27 years of biotechnology experience of which the last 16 years have been dedicated for the development of cell-based therapies and bio-therapeutic molecules for treatment of cancer and autoimmunity diseases. He has more than 16 years of global drug development experience covering preclinical, and early stage clinical development, clinical operations, regulatory and safety functions. During this period, he has held several positions of increasing responsibility and has successfully led drug development research programs at Celtaxsys, Inc, Forest Life Sciences, Bioquant, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, which resulted in over 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 12 US patents. He is one of the inventorS of the real time fluorescent reverse transcriptase assay that forms the basis of today’s real time PCR technology platform. He has received several awards for his scientific contributions including the Henry Christian Award from American Federation for Medical Research Foundation, USA for his research on HIV-protease inhibitor “Indinavir”.

September 27, 2018 @ 12PM | Pettit Microelectronics 102 A&B

Interest Meeting: Graduate Researchers In Nanotechnology (GRIN)

  • Are you doing research in nanotechnology?
  • Interested in building your network?
  • Giving back to the community?
  • Expanding your knowledge?

GRIN will support the nanotechnology community at Tech through student driven activities like hosting a seminar series, communicating your research to the community, inviting outside speakers, planning symposia, and more …

*lunch will be provided for the first 30 students who RSVP*
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October 8 & 9, 2018 | Marcus Nanotech Materials Characterization Facility

 MCF Short Course: Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS)

Course details/ summary: The Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) at Georgia Tech will offer a short course on “Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS)” on October 8 & 9, 2018. This 2-day short course combines lectures and laboratory, and is designed for individuals interested in hands-on training in scanning electron microscopy techniques. This short course will cover essential signal generation and detection techniques, including secondary and backscatter electrons, X-rays, low voltage imaging, and sample preparation techniques. Attendees will learn how to adjust operating conditions to gain valuable information about material samples. This course is suitable for both new and experienced researchers.


Target Audience: Attendance is open to the general technical community and is not limited to current Georgia Tech students or IEN users. Attendance is open to researchers from academia, industry and government laboratories/ organizations as well as to current Georgia Tech students, IEN and MCF users. Anyone who is interested in characterization of materials is invited and strongly encouraged to participate. The concepts and techniques presented are broadly applicable to materials .

Rates: *Rates include lunches on all days*

Georgia Tech Rate: $150
Academic and Government Rate: $250
Industry Rate: $500


 Registration Available Here

October 16, 2018 @ 11AM - 2:30PM | Marcus Nanotechnology 1116- 1118

NanoFANS Forum: Trends in Medical Robotics

We are fortunate to have the below four pioneers speak to us on their current research in the area of “Medical Robotics.”

  • Dr. Jaydev Desai (GT-BME) - “Meso-to-Miniature-scale Robotic systems for Surgical Interventions.”
  • Dr. Chethan Pandarinath (Emory Medical School) - "Using deep learning to power the next generation of brain-machine interfaces."
  • Dr. Azadeh Ansari (GT-ECE) - “3D-printed actuators for microrobotics applications.”
  • Dr. Jun Ueda (GT-ME) - "Robotic Induction of Neuromodulation in Human Motor System for Biomedical Applications."


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