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Georgia Tech Proposes Many Important Strategic Packaging Technologies for its Industry Consortium from July 2018-June 2020

1. Next Generation 2.5 and 3D BGA Interposer Packages with dramatic advances in electrical performance, cost and simultaneous chip and board level reliabilities without the need for organic BGA compared to current silicon interposers.

2. Next Generation 5G: Most advanced ultra-thin, high-performance and low-cost 5G modules with integrated and high-gain antennas in 3D.

3. Next generation of panel embedded Packaging:  Ultra-thin Glass Panel Embedding (GPE) for a combination of highest I/O density, lowest RC delay, thinnest size and lowest cost.

 4. Ultra-thin Flexible packaging for heterogeneous integration with high I/O density and precision circuitry for a variety of applications.

 5. Next Generation of Thermal Technologies: Thermal interfaces, ultra-high conductivity through vias and miniaturized external heat spreaders and two-phase cooling systems,

6. Power Packaging:   Next Generation of Capacitors and Inductors and High-Efficiency Integrated Voltage Regulators

7. Ultra-thin, low-stress MEMS and Sensor Packaging with cavities and sealing

 8. Next Generation of Molding and Sealing materials and Process Technologies