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Innovations that solve societal problems and lead to positive economic impacts often result from collaboration between research-intensive universities and external partners. Therefore, the impact of innovation ecosystems, where invention, insight and translations of ideas to products which happen through a systematic collective outcome of companies, non-profits, government agencies, educational and research institutions working together, is unparalleled.

Industry Engagement Modes and Methods

The IEN vision is to enable a global ecosystem in support of Electronics and Nanotechnology that engages industry, academia, and government agencies in the performance of basic research through to the realization of new products which incorporate new or incremental discoveries. Towards this goal, the IEN industry engagement model consists of a multi-level, tiered-value proposition approach for industry participation with Georgia Tech Electronics and Nanotechnology academic and research faculty, programs and centers.


Industry Engagement Benefits

Key Reports, Information and Research and Participation Benefits Educational Access & Awareness Sponsor

Research Supply Chain Sponsor

Full Research Sponsor 
IEN Advisory Meeting Participation Yes Yes Yes
Supply Process Service and Materials Yes Yes Yes
Provide Equipment Yes Yes Yes
Access to GT Faculty for Advisory and Consulting Yes Yes Yes
Access to GT Students for Internship or Hiring Yes Yes Yes
Participation/Hosting of Technical Seminars at GT Yes Yes Yes
Research Program/Consortia Advisory Meeting   Yes Yes
6 Month Updates in all Focused Projects   Yes Yes
Monthly Program Update Webinar   Yes Yes
Test Vehicle Information and Supply Chain Participation   Yes Yes
Co-authorship of Journal Papers   Yes Yes
Co-Invention Opportunity   Yes Yes
Participation in Commercialization Path   Yes Yes
Research Program Shaping and Project Steering     Yes
Research Project/Student Mentoring     Yes
Dispatch Engineer to Georgia Tech Campus     Yes
Detailed Reports for Steering Programs     Yes
Critical Feedback for Focused Research Programs     Yes
Selected One-on-One Research Project of Focus     Yes
Definition of Research Test Vehicle/Prototype     Yes
Non Exclusive Royalty Free I/P Rights     Yes
Potential for Exclusive I/P Rights     Yes

Contract Continuum

At Georgia Tech, investing in research is a top priority. As part of that commitment, the university has developed four contract mechanisms that enable industry to engage with Georgia Tech researchers at all stages of R&D. These agreements were carefully crafted to streamline the contracting process and provide straightforward intellectual property terms for companies engaging in collaborative research. The four contracting mechanisms are as follows: -

Basic Research: Explore fundamental challenges in a technical area
Applied Research: Identify solutions to real-world challenges
Demonstration: Improve an existing technology
Specialized Testing: Test new and existing products

For more information, FAQs, and other details pertaining to the Georgia Tech Contract Continuum, please visit our Industry Engagement site at