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Georgia Tech IEN Department Directory

Title Contact Email Phone
Executive Director, IEN & Director, Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC) and National Office for the Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) Oliver Brand 404.894.9425
Exec Director Admin. Assistant Purnima Sharma 404.894.5251
Brian McGlade - Assistant Director - Finance/Admin/HR Brian McGlade 404.385.1143
Deputy Director Eric M Vogel 404.385.7235
Centers & Programs Leadership
Director, 3D Systems Packaging Research Center (PRC) Rao Tummala 404.894.9097
Director, Center for Compound Semiconductors (CCS) Russell Dupuis 404.385.6094
Director, Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC) Stephen Ralph 404.894.5268
Director, University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics (UCEP) Ajeet Rohatgi 404.894.7692
Director, Center for Co-design Chip, Package, System (C3PS) Madhavan Swaminathan 404.894.3340
Principal Investigator, National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) Oliver Brand 404.894.9425
Director, Flexible Electronics (Flex@Tech) Suresh Sitaraman 404.894.3405
Strategic Programs Development & Support
Deputy Director, SENIC David Gottfried 404.894.0479
Research Administrative Manager Amy Duke 404.894.6890
Director of Education and Outreach - NNCI & SENIC Dr. Quinn Spadola 404.894.2194
IEN External Users Program Coordinator (Academia & Industry) Paul Joseph 404.894.5029
Laboratory Operations Support
Teaching Lab Coordinator Seung-Joon Paik 404-894-8807
E-Beam Support Lead Devin Brown 404.385.4220
Senior Assistant Director - Lab Ops Gary Spinner 404.894.4010
Controls Lead Thomas Averette 404.971.8594
Process & Instructional Support Manger Hang Chen 404.894.3360
MCF Shared-user Facility Manager Walter Henderson 404.894.4702
Plasma / Litho Team Lead Tran-Vinh Nguyen 404.385.6678
Laboratory Operations Lead Charlie Suh 404.385.0151
Advanced Diagnostics Lead Dean C Sutter 404.391.4059
Laboratory Access & Coordination Charlie Turgeon 404.385.0266
Packaging and Assembly Lead Christopher White 404.385.6231
Bio Support Lead Jie Xu 404.407.6122
Mengkun Tian 404.385.9723
Operations & Industry Engagement Support
Assoc. Director & Industry Outreach Dean A Sutter 404.894.3847
Information Technology Support
Information Technology Support Glenn Wilder 404.834.6596
Systems Support Engineer Manager Jason Herrington 404.894.1293/404.852.3559 (cell)
Systems Software Braxton L Bragg 404.894.2724/ 404.831.1725 (cell)
Administration / Finance / Accounting / Business Operations
Professional Advisor Judith Vanderboom 404.894.8690 / 770.789.5405
Center Accounting: PRC Brian McGlade (interim) 404.385.1143
Program & Operations Manager: GEDC Maria Matheson 404.894.6359
Communications & Marketing
Marketing Manager Christa Ernst 404.894.1665